Exploring first time musical encounters and beloved favorites

In many communities, noncommercial public radio music stations are often the only places where local listeners can find vast troves of American music and classical traditions. Public radio’s passionate, knowledgeable program hosts and local performance events surprise listeners with the unexpected. Stations set listeners on a path of life-long musical exploration and deepen everyone’s love of diverse genres and hard-to-find artists.


  • WMOT
    WMOT Plays Rare Americana Music
    WMOT digs deep into the roots of Americana, showcasing...
  • Interlochen Public Radio
    Interlochen Public Radio Makes Classical Music Fun
    Interlochen Public Radio's morning feature Kids Commute gives kids...
  • WBJB
    Public Radio Music Stations Boost Careers of Local Artists
    Most noncommercial public radio stations have a mission to...
  • noncom-music-classical
    Public Radio is Classical Music's Lifeline Across America
    In most cities noncommercial music stations are the only...
  • WGUC
    WGUC Classics for Kids: Discovering Classical Music
    What is it like to be a conductor and...
  • WTMD
    Authenticity Through Local Music Discovery
    WTMD and WXPN create authentic communities through local music...