Sustaining America’s musical traditions

Noncommercial public radio music stations breathe continued life into historic and regional music. Many musical traditions ranging from classical to regional genres such as Zydeco, bluegrass, and Appalachian music are found almost exclusively on public radio. The stations introduce growing numbers of local listeners to the rich musical heritage that make up the character of their regions.


  • WMOT
    WMOT Plays Rare Americana Music
    WMOT digs deep into the roots of Americana, showcasing...
  • WYEP
    WYEP Reinvigorates Pittsburgh's Music Community
    From youth music programs to a city-wide music scene...
  • Interlochen Public Radio
    Interlochen Public Radio Makes Classical Music Fun
    Interlochen Public Radio's morning feature Kids Commute gives kids...
  • WUKY
    Keeping Blues Music Alive in Kentucky
    Since 2002, Joe’s Blues has been curating playlists to...
  • KNKX
    KNKX's School of Jazz Fosters Emerging Young Musicians
    School of Jazz gives high school students visibility and...
  • KDFC
    KUSC and KDFC: Classical Music's Lifeline in California
    KUSC and KDFC keeping classical alive in California...
  • KANW
    KANW is Home to New Mexico Music
    KANW plays an almost singular role in preserving what...