Triple A

Adult Album Alternative (Triple A) is deep and wide: a little rock, a little folk and bluegrass, Americana, Celtic, gospel, roots, and much more. Hundreds of noncommercial public radio music stations spin this eclectic format, but no two play the exact same mix. You might hear the latest from a local band or dive into the archives for rare 20th century recordings. When you hear Triple A music on a local public radio station, there’s no mistaking where you are. Local DJs are plugged into the music and into their hometowns. You will hear something familiar, something old and rare, something that’s emerging — and something on the charts. Local Triple A stations help artists get their break and thrive by treating their listeners as musical partners and trendsetters. And it’s playing on a public radio station near you.


20 Million+

Americans enjoy public radio music in the U.S. each week, on-air and online

7.5 Million

Americans listen to Triple A on public radio each week


Triple A public radio stations broadcast in America

Public radio Triple A music stations are dedicated to:


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